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Interactive Learning

The Interactive pedagogy, is specifically developed and designed to help children realize their exceptional capabilities in a methodical, synergetic, and self-paced manner.

Sports Facilities

We at Sanskriti International school believe in making our students International & National level sports champion. Various sports related activities are organized.

Yoga & Meditation

We Sanskriti International School provide specialist children’s yoga, mindfulness and meditation teachers to all our students, all the way from nurseries through to University.

Non Sporting Facilities

We at Sanskriti International School provide non sporting activities like Drum , Dance , Singing , Piano etc. to developed our students interest in all possible sectors.

Features of School

Computer lab

We Provide Excellent and spacious computer Lab as Computers they provide access to such a huge variety of information.

Arts Program

We are a very creative school, Starting from KG, students participate in the arts Program.

Field visits

We at Sanskriti International School specially emphasize on
field visits related to academics
of student.

Sports facilities

We have different types of Indoor and Outdoor games such as Table Tennis, Judo, Karate, Football, Softball, NCC, Yoga and so on.


We Provide Excellent & spacious Library,which helps student to grow on their individual basis.

Music & Dance

we encourage our students to developed intrest in art like music and dance & provides necessary instruments & training them.

Sanskriti International School

Our school stands apart from others

Skill Based Curriculum

Mindseed is perhaps the best preschool in Nashik where we guarantee our students foster authority in essential abilities like reading, writing , focus, logical building and tirelessness in the establishment years, 2-6 years of age.

Personalised Learning

No two children are same, why would it be advisable for them to learn exactly the same thing, same way and at a similar speed?we are school where children learn at their own speed and push forward once they learn instead of at the speed of the teacher

Our Staffs

Mrs.Megha Jain

Play Group Teacher

B.A. , M.A. , Montessori(marathi)

Mrs.Prachi Joshi

Junior Kg Class Teacher

B.A. , D.ED

Mrs.Monika Nandwani

Senior Kg Class Teacher


Mrs.Vanshika Ahire

Art Teacher

M.A. , A.T.D(Art Teacher Diploma), MSCIT

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